November 2019 at the IVY Tech John Waldron Arts Center

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October 2019 Ekphrasis Show at the Venue Gallery with Patsy Rahn

June 2019 Wonderlab paint demonstration for Sprouts class (1 - 3 year olds) during a month of color

Excerpt from "A Unit of Two United" Part II, by Patsy Rahn

I see you, human!

How did you get here

Why aren’t you wearing a space suit,

Woman, you can’t possibly be standing

before me,

or are you floating?


Your image flickers, is filtered

through with star light,

perhaps you are a dream,

a butterfly dreaming a woman.


You see me in my outer wear

but can’t know that inside

this suit I am the metamorphoses

of a caterpillar, my butterfly body

softly settled in the suit,

two of my legs in the left pant leg

two legs in the right,

one leg in the left arm

and one leg in the right,

comfortable maneuverability.


The wings are a stroke of genius,

and they are mine.

The suit is engineered to keep them

protected and allow me to

use them as I normally would,

an interstellar wing propulsion.


And now, woman, you float above me,

a true miracle, or are you a mirage?

Are you the dream traveler

who has escaped the grasp of earth,

 have you popped out of your

crysalis and emerged a human

in this unknown place?

Are we to form a Unit of Two United?

to explore, expand, experiment in

this great frontier?





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